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EileenLeft (tm) – Read…

EileenLeft tm and I locked horns on Twitter a while back; “LWNJ,” was my take on her. Now, I have her blog on my RSS feed, and I have her on at least one list on Twitter; I suggest you read her stuff, and follow suit… Here’s her post on some (a ton) of Logical Lefties you should follow on Twitter:

Congressman Huizenga’s Response to My “Weapons” Letter

There are some sound policy goals in Rep Huizenga’s letter; Amidst some ass-covering verbiage…

Fighting Them Over There…

In the Brennan confirmation hearings, someone actually intoned the tired, fallacious meme, that we are somehow better-off “fighting ‘them’ over there, instead of over here.” About 3,000 people died on 9/11 (a VERY preventable attack); There were only a handful of other deaths in the previous decade of al-Qaeda’s existence; Three times as many have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, over about ten years. How, exactly, are we better-off fighting them “over there” again…?

Constitutional Gun Control – My Letter to President Obama

President Barack H. Obama 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20500 Tuesday, January 15, 2013  Dear Mr. President: I am writing to address the issues of firearms and firearm-related incidents plaguing The United States of America. I had an epiphany recently; I suddenly saw, in very stark terms, that “assault weapons,” and all that customarily accompanies such weapons (e.g., high-capacity magazines), are protected by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. Further, any typical “squad-level” weapon, such as an M-60 machine gun, LAW rockets, and M-203 40 MM grenade-launchers, also are protected by the Constitution. Before I go on to explain my [ ... ]

The NRA May Be (Partially) Right…

The Political Carnival posted several 2nd Amendment political cartoons, and I was struck by one of them in an unexpected way. The cartoon in question is this:   More powerful weapons than we’d like to believe are covered by  2nd Amendment rights and freedoms. Think about it; The Founders only knew of singe-shot, black-powder weapons. But they were state-of-the-art. They were what was needed to defend a country. Unfortunately, assault weapons fit that category today. I don’t like the conclusion I’ve come to here. I do like assault weapons, simply because they are what I’m familiar with, [ ... ]

Think, McFly, THINK!!!

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A Word From GOP-Land, Via My Congressman

(See Rep Huizenga’s message to me below my response) Dear Congressman Huizenga: Thank you for your response. The economics of many, if not all, of these issues have been settled via non-partisan groups like the Congressional Research Service. The very fact that you are parroting the patently false claim that “entitlements” have anything but the tiniest, very marginal effect on our debt and deficit is sorely disappointing. More than that, it shows a shameful lack of regard for indisputable facts, and a lack of understanding of [ ... ]

My Letter to Senator Schumer

Senator Schumer, It has become critical that Democrats take control of state legislatures from recidivist Republicans. This means starting with the smallest of elections, essentially developing a Democratic “farm system,” from which state-level office can be more easily reached. From Drain Commissions to City Councils to District Attorneys and on and on, we MUST staunch the tide of GOP ideologues, Hell-bent on turning back American progress to the 1890s. You did not wish to challenge Governor Walker in the recall election, and that’s fine. We definitely need strong leaders like you in Washington, as well. But I implore you to do what you [ ... ]

FWIW: Good Writing Is Often Like Sausage-Making

For What It’s Worth: I’m a former college instructor, at an institution where writing assignments were encouraged for every class. There were two main reasons for this (in my estimation): One, writing memos, reports, presentations are important parts of many business jobs, and Two, writing takes practice. The most frequent misconception “young” writers (“young” meaning only “inexperienced”) have is that prose is easy for good writers, and these good writers were practically born with pen in-hand. Categorically, NOT TRUE. The writing process is messy, like sausage-making. And the ingredients, when “tasted” before the “product” is finished, can be downright stomach-turning. You write, you [ ... ]
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The Pendulum Is Broken…

I used to believe in the “Pendulum of Democracy,” that trading power between Progressives and Conservatives tended to balance-out policy, and temper ideological shifts. I’ve come to realize that this is no longer true. The main reason the “pendulum” is no longer relevant is we have learned enough about what makes our country function that most issues have become settled. We KNOW social programs keep our economy stable. We KNOW human rights MUST include LGBT rights. We KNOW education is the most important factor in our nation’s success. We KNOW our gun policies have driven GUN CRIME. We KNOW health care is [ ... ]