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A Word From GOP-Land, Via My Congressman

(See Rep Huizenga’s message to me below my response) Dear Congressman Huizenga: Thank you for your response. The economics of many, if not all, of these issues have been settled via non-partisan groups like the Congressional Research Service. The very fact that you are parroting the patently false claim that “entitlements” have anything but the tiniest, very marginal effect on our debt and deficit is sorely disappointing. More than that, it shows a shameful lack of regard for indisputable facts, and a lack of understanding of [ ... ]

The Pendulum Is Broken…

I used to believe in the “Pendulum of Democracy,” that trading power between Progressives and Conservatives tended to balance-out policy, and temper ideological shifts. I’ve come to realize that this is no longer true. The main reason the “pendulum” is no longer relevant is we have learned enough about what makes our country function that most issues have become settled. We KNOW social programs keep our economy stable. We KNOW human rights MUST include LGBT rights. We KNOW education is the most important factor in our nation’s success. We KNOW our gun policies have driven GUN CRIME. We KNOW health care is [ ... ]

30 Yrs of Lost 401k’s, Social Program Cuts & Flatlined Wages *IS* Shared Sacrifice!

PETITION: Create Jobs/Restore Benefits For “98 %”; 30 Yrs of Lost 401k’s, Social Program Cuts & Flatlined Wages IS Shared Sacrifice!e must create jobs 4 people who buy, in order to grow jobs in USA making things to sell. (Click HERE to Sign) The lower 98% income earners include most people who buy & most businesses that build & sell; We must put restoring 98%’s economic health at top of list of GOALS as we decide policies of the govts of the USA; Federal, state, & local. Pr Obama says Shared [ ... ]

PETITION: Mr. President, Use Executive Authority to KEEP Congress In-Session to Solve Tax Crisis

PETITION: Mr. President, Use Executive Authority to KEEP Congress In-Session to Solve Tax Crisis: We petition the Obama administration to: Use emergency Executive Authority to order Congress into continuous session until a solution is found to our tax

Video: Pr. Obama: We Know What Real Change Looks Like & We Can’t Give Up

Threat from mounting public job losses tested Obama’s economic strategy

“Since the beginning of his term, state and local governments have shed 611,000 employees — including 196,000 educators — according to government statistics.” “‘We’re not going to get this economy going by growing the government,’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said last year. ‘It’s the private sector that’s ultimately going to drive the recovery.'” McConnell’s stated number one goal? Prevent President Obama from getting re-elected… Via Washington Post

Bikini Graph – Beyond & Back

I set out to find an updated version of the Bikini Graph, made famous by Rachel @Maddow. Not only couldn’t I find an up-to-date graph, I couldn’t even find concise DATA that matched that of the original graph. I had pulled most of my hair out, when I came upon a Bureau of Labor Statistics table that showed monthly job growth dating all the way back to January 2001. Serendipity, thou art my bestest friend. I was more than a little surprised to see STACKS of negative job growth numbers for #Bush’s FIRST 2 1/2 YEARS! Behold, #GOP #job creation at work [ ... ]
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