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Fighting Them Over There…

In the Brennan confirmation hearings, someone actually intoned the tired, fallacious meme, that we are somehow better-off “fighting ‘them’ over there, instead of over here.” About 3,000 people died on 9/11 (a VERY preventable attack); There were only a handful of other deaths in the previous decade of al-Qaeda’s existence; Three times as many have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, over about ten years. How, exactly, are we better-off fighting them “over there” again…?

Video: Pr. Obama: We Know What Real Change Looks Like & We Can’t Give Up

Sections 1021 & 1022, NDAA Conference Committee Report

House Report 112-329 – NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT FOR FISCAL YEAR 2012   Full Display Related Information PDF Printer Friendly Display Bill Summary and Status Full Text of Bill   TITLE D–COUNTERTERRORISM SEC. 1021. AFFIRMATION OF AUTHORITY OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE UNITED STATES TO DETAIN COVERED PERSONS PURSUANT TO THE AUTHORIZATION FOR USE OF MILITARY FORCE. (a) In General- Congress affirms that the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) includes the authority for the Armed Forces of [ ... ]

My Appeal to President Obama Re NDAA

VETO the NDAA, until it definitively & expressly PROHIBITS treatment of US citizens as “enemy combatants”, unless they are proved as such in OPEN COURT. Also, the NDAA must expressly reaffirm our Constitution as the FINAL WORD on these matters, until & unless a court says a person may be treated otherwise, and then ONLY on a case-by-case basis. There is NOTHING worse than taking away our citizen’s RIGHTS, without due process, in the name of “security”. If you do THAT, America as we know it ceases to exist, and then what is really left worth securing? Thank you. PS, CLOSE GITMO.

President Obama, VETO the Defense Authorization Bill

My understanding is that S 1867 put lipstick on a pig, with a meaningless amendment regarding existing law, blah blah, but it still contains unacceptable language, and the final bill MUST BE VETOED. There is NO excuse for ANY provisions that allow for lazy or incompetent work on national security. We SHALL NOT subvert the Constitution any longer. NO threat of ANY kind is worth ignoring our basic American ideals; Categorically, NONE. History DEMANDS that the line be drawn here and now! MILLIONS of Americans have shed blood fighting to establish and protect these ideals, we shall NOT leave them at-risk of a [ ... ]

My Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Regarding Controversial S 1867 Amendments

Dear Senator Stabenow: Thank you for your quick and encouraging response. I confess I do not know your full position on the issues, so all I can do is simply state my wishes in these matters: In your response, you mentioned the Geneva Convention; I am not versed in precisely how the Geneva Convention would apply to American citizens held by the United States as suspected “enemy combatants”. However, if an American citizen is detained under such suspicions (or any similar such accusations), I expect them to have the full rights and privileges afforded under our Constitution, until and unless they are [ ... ]