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Fighting Them Over There…

In the Brennan confirmation hearings, someone actually intoned the tired, fallacious meme, that we are somehow better-off “fighting ‘them’ over there, instead of over here.” About 3,000 people died on 9/11 (a VERY preventable attack); There were only a handful of other deaths in the previous decade of al-Qaeda’s existence; Three times as many have died in Iraq and Afghanistan, over about ten years. How, exactly, are we better-off fighting them “over there” again…?

The NRA May Be (Partially) Right…

The Political Carnival posted several 2nd Amendment political cartoons, and I was struck by one of them in an unexpected way. The cartoon in question is this:   More powerful weapons than we’d like to believe are covered by  2nd Amendment rights and freedoms. Think about it; The Founders only knew of singe-shot, black-powder weapons. But they were state-of-the-art. They were what was needed to defend a country. Unfortunately, assault weapons fit that category today. I don’t like the conclusion I’ve come to here. I do like assault weapons, simply because they are what I’m familiar with, [ ... ]

PBO Fails to Properly Execute a Thanksgiving Proclamation, and Our Deep Unworthiness of God’s Love

The ultimate source for all things righteous and true about giving thanks, National Review, has someone who took issue with President Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Read it, it’ll only hurt for a minute, it’s a very short article. Here’s my answer, all snark fully intentional, and, you’ll notice, MUCH longer than the article itself: There are a number of ideas, beliefs, and turns of phrase I could take issue with in this article. I’ll try to cover them all with a few of my own, and see if it adds-up as dissent, [ ... ]

My Bumper Sticker Idea For the War On Women

“You’ll have to pry MY RIGHTS from my cold, dead vagina…” (copyright 2012)

The Trayvon Martin Murder Wasn’t the Worst Crime Here

The shooting was bad enough. Yet somehow the police have managed to turn a senseless, tragic murder into a far worse crime: They’ve declared open-season to SLAUGHTER black children. Are we surprised? No. While it’s true police have a tough job, not all police do that job for the right reasons. Some are thugs, bullies, cowards, veritable criminals w/badges. We are NEVER safe, civil rights are NEVER secure, we are ALWAYS one stupid crime, one stupid law, one stupid police officer away from being at SQUARE-ONE. Arrest the SOB that murdered this harmless child.