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The Pendulum Is Broken…

I used to believe in the “Pendulum of Democracy,” that trading power between Progressives and Conservatives tended to balance-out policy, and temper ideological shifts. I’ve come to realize that this is no longer true. The main reason the “pendulum” is no longer relevant is we have learned enough about what makes our country function that most issues have become settled. We KNOW social programs keep our economy stable. We KNOW human rights MUST include LGBT rights. We KNOW education is the most important factor in our nation’s success. We KNOW our gun policies have driven GUN CRIME. We KNOW health care is [ ... ]

One Story About Being “Black In America”

In a relative nutshell, here’s one person’s experience, being Black in America: I was standing in the doorway of a buddy of mine’s office (an NCO in US Army); Several other NCOs were in the room, two were my immediate superiors,  I was a Pvt2 or PFC. We were just shooting the shit, kidding around, nothing untoward at all. Out of the blue, one sergeant (my immediate superior in my section) looked at me to make a joke (I’m white, btw). He asked “Hey Rowe; What’s a cocoon?” I shrugged. “It’s a n-n*gg*r.” Unbeknown to him, a casual friend of mine, an African-American [ ... ]
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