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Epiphany, Thy Name is Right-Wing Nut-Job, or “God Plays Solitaire”

Recently, some Giant Idiot (a US Rep, I’m pretty sure) said he figures the earth is 9,000 years old. We’re God’s creation, correct? Made in God’s own image, and God has existed for eternity, and God shall continue to exist infinitely, correct? Answer me one question:  What was God doing for the last countless billions of billions of years before he slapped the earth together? Playing solitaire?

PBO Fails to Properly Execute a Thanksgiving Proclamation, and Our Deep Unworthiness of God’s Love

The ultimate source for all things righteous and true about giving thanks, National Review, has someone who took issue with President Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Read it, it’ll only hurt for a minute, it’s a very short article. Here’s my answer, all snark fully intentional, and, you’ll notice, MUCH longer than the article itself: There are a number of ideas, beliefs, and turns of phrase I could take issue with in this article. I’ll try to cover them all with a few of my own, and see if it adds-up as dissent, [ ... ]

Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem. (Via Washington Post)

“The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics.”

Frothy the Snowman – Maddow/UC Fap Edition

I’m Frothy the Snowman, I have very little grasp of facts! I raise my nose, tell you what I knows, doesn’t matter if it’s true! Then one day, during the games I play, Rachael Maddow came to say… That thing you said, that American History is dead, is B-S, more or less! OH, Frothy’s new snowjob, is that he didn’t mean quite THAT! A survey course, in Western Civ (of course) was the point of his discourse! Pooooor Frothy the Snowman, lost his head again this way! When Maddow proved, in a second or two, that it’s bunk (AGAIN), todaaay!

The Phony Outrage of the GOP

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the GOP truly doesn’t believe there’s a war on women. They are that clueless. Also, if Mitt and Ann Romney want to make a big deal out of Ann’s hard work and sage advice, I would LOVE to have THAT discussion. Was it Ann’s idea to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood? And has Ann chosen the words Mitt would’ve used to criticize Sandra Fluke? What other gems might we expect from Mrs. Romney? Or is this just typical RWNJ “outrage”; A mile-wide, but an inch deep? Yes, parenthood is difficult, but it’s one HELL of a [ ... ]

Rush Limbaugh’s Hatred of Women

Via: In a 1993 television broadcast, Limbaugh put on screen a picture of Socks the White House cat. He asked, “Did you know there’s a White House dog?” He then put up a picture of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton. Limbaugh said in 1994 that first lady Hillary Clinton had a “testicle lockbox” at the White House and represented “the worst characteristics of women, totally controlling, not soft and cuddly, not sympathetic, not patient. Demanding, domineering Nurse Ratched kind of thing.” Limbaugh has long referred to the National Organization for Women as the National Alliance of [ ... ]

#GOPBSmeter – Perfect Barometer For What is BAD FOR AMERICA


Saying Goodbye To The Middle-Class Is Easy As G.O.P.

#GOP sees two ways of staying or becoming the rich fat-cats that have all the power a #RWNJ could ever want: 1) Make everyone richer, more empowered, or 2) SH*T-CAN THE MIDDLE-CLASS!!! We all know how hard it is to do math, and use brain-power, Lord knows nobody on the Right likes that kind of crap, so they take the easy, sleazy path: Undermine the Middle-Class. But How!? Easy as GOP: Get-rid of as many social programs as you can, leaving the most vulnerable citizens in America living on the edge of poverty (or better yet, IN poverty), Obstruct even the most main-stream government [ ... ]


Cliche. Tired. Pedestrian. Not the pathes to relevance? Well, cliches don’t get to be cliches until they are used to excess, and they don’t get used if they are irrelevant.  They just become tiresome. Things become tiresome when they are overused. They are no-less true, just boring as hell. Pedestrian. There is the path to irrelevancy. The fast-track. Everyone has an asshole, and every asshole has an opinion. The problem is, when some infant or infantile dupe comes along, thinking all the evil they see is unprecedented, and that they have a clue as to “the way things are supposed to be.” And then they [ ... ]