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Epiphany, Thy Name is Right-Wing Nut-Job, or “God Plays Solitaire”

Recently, some Giant Idiot (a US Rep, I’m pretty sure) said he figures the earth is 9,000 years old. We’re God’s creation, correct? Made in God’s own image, and God has existed for eternity, and God shall continue to exist infinitely, correct? Answer me one question:  What was God doing for the last countless billions of billions of years before he slapped the earth together? Playing solitaire?

PBO Fails to Properly Execute a Thanksgiving Proclamation, and Our Deep Unworthiness of God’s Love

The ultimate source for all things righteous and true about giving thanks, National Review, has someone who took issue with President Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Read it, it’ll only hurt for a minute, it’s a very short article. Here’s my answer, all snark fully intentional, and, you’ll notice, MUCH longer than the article itself: There are a number of ideas, beliefs, and turns of phrase I could take issue with in this article. I’ll try to cover them all with a few of my own, and see if it adds-up as dissent, [ ... ]

My Bumper Sticker Idea For the War On Women

“You’ll have to pry MY RIGHTS from my cold, dead vagina…” (copyright 2012)

Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem. (Via Washington Post)

“The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics.”

Frothy the Snowman – Maddow/UC Fap Edition

I’m Frothy the Snowman, I have very little grasp of facts! I raise my nose, tell you what I knows, doesn’t matter if it’s true! Then one day, during the games I play, Rachael Maddow came to say… That thing you said, that American History is dead, is B-S, more or less! OH, Frothy’s new snowjob, is that he didn’t mean quite THAT! A survey course, in Western Civ (of course) was the point of his discourse! Pooooor Frothy the Snowman, lost his head again this way! When Maddow proved, in a second or two, that it’s bunk (AGAIN), todaaay!

Rush Limbaugh’s Hatred of Women

Via: In a 1993 television broadcast, Limbaugh put on screen a picture of Socks the White House cat. He asked, “Did you know there’s a White House dog?” He then put up a picture of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton. Limbaugh said in 1994 that first lady Hillary Clinton had a “testicle lockbox” at the White House and represented “the worst characteristics of women, totally controlling, not soft and cuddly, not sympathetic, not patient. Demanding, domineering Nurse Ratched kind of thing.” Limbaugh has long referred to the National Organization for Women as the National Alliance of [ ... ]

#GOPBSmeter – Perfect Barometer For What is BAD FOR AMERICA

Great 99ers – UPDATED 12.54PM ET

UPDATE 12.54PM ET (Please submit any corrections to @Aqua_Buddah) Mr. One Percent posed the question, here are some answers. “Have You Ever Heard of Anybody Great That’s Come Out of the 99 Percent?” ( via #TPC) Actually, Yes: Dr Jonas Salk Babe Ruth Hank Aaron Steve Jobs Frank Sinatra Elvis Presley Chuck Yeager “Buzz” Aldrin Ghandi Tuskegee Airmen   Barack Obama Abraham Lincoln Alexander Hamilton George Washington Carver Bill Clinton Dr. Alexander Fleming Benjamin Franklin Omar Bradley Dwight D. Eisenhower Wright Brothers Dr. Vivien Thomas Andrew Carnegie Nikola Tesla George Westinghouse Harry Truman Sam Walton Henry Ford 99% of everyone that ever put on a military uniform


#FUGOP: Top Reasons For Saying FU GOP!!! Endless lies regarding their failed policies Mindless obstruction of every Obama intiative, even the ones they support Waging Class Warfare in naked attempt to please moronic #RWNJ base @DarrellIssa @EricCantor @SpeakerBoehner @AllenWest Every #GOP candidate for POTUS, except perhaps Jon Huntsman. Every damn other #GOP miscreant you can think of. Thank you, #GOP, for your bald-faced attempt to steal our right to vote, our fiscal security, 2 wars, and no #jobs. Oh. I meant #FUGOP.