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Congressman Huizenga’s Response to My “Weapons” Letter

There are some sound policy goals in Rep Huizenga’s letter; Amidst some ass-covering verbiage…

A Word From GOP-Land, Via My Congressman

(See Rep Huizenga’s message to me below my response) Dear Congressman Huizenga: Thank you for your response. The economics of many, if not all, of these issues have been settled via non-partisan groups like the Congressional Research Service. The very fact that you are parroting the patently false claim that “entitlements” have anything but the tiniest, very marginal effect on our debt and deficit is sorely disappointing. More than that, it shows a shameful lack of regard for indisputable facts, and a lack of understanding of [ ... ]

The Pendulum Is Broken…

I used to believe in the “Pendulum of Democracy,” that trading power between Progressives and Conservatives tended to balance-out policy, and temper ideological shifts. I’ve come to realize that this is no longer true. The main reason the “pendulum” is no longer relevant is we have learned enough about what makes our country function that most issues have become settled. We KNOW social programs keep our economy stable. We KNOW human rights MUST include LGBT rights. We KNOW education is the most important factor in our nation’s success. We KNOW our gun policies have driven GUN CRIME. We KNOW health care is [ ... ]

Video: Pr. Obama: We Know What Real Change Looks Like & We Can’t Give Up

My Bumper Sticker Idea For the War On Women

“You’ll have to pry MY RIGHTS from my cold, dead vagina…” (copyright 2012)

The Latest From Senator Stabenow Re NDAA (S1867)

December 13, 2011 Thank you for contacting me about detainee provisions in the National Defense Authorization Act. I share your support for protecting civil liberties, which is why I believe the government’s detainee policy should be codified in law.   I strongly believe that the President needs the power to keep Americans safe and that power should be used carefully and in accordance with the Constitution. Currently, the detainee policy is cobbled together from Presidential directives and Supreme Court cases. The policy has been developed ad-hoc since 2001, and is subject to change at the whim of a President. The National Defense Authorization [ ... ]

My Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Regarding Controversial S 1867 Amendments

Dear Senator Stabenow: Thank you for your quick and encouraging response. I confess I do not know your full position on the issues, so all I can do is simply state my wishes in these matters: In your response, you mentioned the Geneva Convention; I am not versed in precisely how the Geneva Convention would apply to American citizens held by the United States as suspected “enemy combatants”. However, if an American citizen is detained under such suspicions (or any similar such accusations), I expect them to have the full rights and privileges afforded under our Constitution, until and unless they are [ ... ]