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Think, McFly, THINK!!!

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My Letter to Senator Schumer

Senator Schumer, It has become critical that Democrats take control of state legislatures from recidivist Republicans. This means starting with the smallest of elections, essentially developing a Democratic “farm system,” from which state-level office can be more easily reached. From Drain Commissions to City Councils to District Attorneys and on and on, we MUST staunch the tide of GOP ideologues, Hell-bent on turning back American progress to the 1890s. You did not wish to challenge Governor Walker in the recall election, and that’s fine. We definitely need strong leaders like you in Washington, as well. But I implore you to do what you [ ... ]

FWIW: Good Writing Is Often Like Sausage-Making

For What It’s Worth: I’m a former college instructor, at an institution where writing assignments were encouraged for every class. There were two main reasons for this (in my estimation): One, writing memos, reports, presentations are important parts of many business jobs, and Two, writing takes practice. The most frequent misconception “young” writers (“young” meaning only “inexperienced”) have is that prose is easy for good writers, and these good writers were practically born with pen in-hand. Categorically, NOT TRUE. The writing process is messy, like sausage-making. And the ingredients, when “tasted” before the “product” is finished, can be downright stomach-turning. You write, you [ ... ]
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Epiphany, Thy Name is Right-Wing Nut-Job, or “God Plays Solitaire”

Recently, some Giant Idiot (a US Rep, I’m pretty sure) said he figures the earth is 9,000 years old. We’re God’s creation, correct? Made in God’s own image, and God has existed for eternity, and God shall continue to exist infinitely, correct? Answer me one question:  What was God doing for the last countless billions of billions of years before he slapped the earth together? Playing solitaire?

PBO Fails to Properly Execute a Thanksgiving Proclamation, and Our Deep Unworthiness of God’s Love

The ultimate source for all things righteous and true about giving thanks, National Review, has someone who took issue with President Obama’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. Read it, it’ll only hurt for a minute, it’s a very short article. Here’s my answer, all snark fully intentional, and, you’ll notice, MUCH longer than the article itself: There are a number of ideas, beliefs, and turns of phrase I could take issue with in this article. I’ll try to cover them all with a few of my own, and see if it adds-up as dissent, [ ... ]

Frothy the Snowman – Maddow/UC Fap Edition

I’m Frothy the Snowman, I have very little grasp of facts! I raise my nose, tell you what I knows, doesn’t matter if it’s true! Then one day, during the games I play, Rachael Maddow came to say… That thing you said, that American History is dead, is B-S, more or less! OH, Frothy’s new snowjob, is that he didn’t mean quite THAT! A survey course, in Western Civ (of course) was the point of his discourse! Pooooor Frothy the Snowman, lost his head again this way! When Maddow proved, in a second or two, that it’s bunk (AGAIN), todaaay!

Rush Limbaugh’s Hatred of Women

Via: In a 1993 television broadcast, Limbaugh put on screen a picture of Socks the White House cat. He asked, “Did you know there’s a White House dog?” He then put up a picture of 13-year-old Chelsea Clinton. Limbaugh said in 1994 that first lady Hillary Clinton had a “testicle lockbox” at the White House and represented “the worst characteristics of women, totally controlling, not soft and cuddly, not sympathetic, not patient. Demanding, domineering Nurse Ratched kind of thing.” Limbaugh has long referred to the National Organization for Women as the National Alliance of [ ... ]

#GOPBSmeter – Perfect Barometer For What is BAD FOR AMERICA

Rick Perry: Obviousman

Rick Perry applies his epic political skills to punditry on The Hill’s Blog Briefing Room (here). Former presidential candidate Rick Perry said split primary results meant “it wasn’t a super night for anyone when you think about it being Super Tuesday” and said Republican voters were still searching for the right candidate in an interview Tuesday with Fox News. OMG! Rick Perry is STATETHEOBVIOUSMAN! Wouldn’t we all like to forget Perry as easily as this?  
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Bikini Graph – Beyond & Back

I set out to find an updated version of the Bikini Graph, made famous by Rachel @Maddow. Not only couldn’t I find an up-to-date graph, I couldn’t even find concise DATA that matched that of the original graph. I had pulled most of my hair out, when I came upon a Bureau of Labor Statistics table that showed monthly job growth dating all the way back to January 2001. Serendipity, thou art my bestest friend. I was more than a little surprised to see STACKS of negative job growth numbers for #Bush’s FIRST 2 1/2 YEARS! Behold, #GOP #job creation at work [ ... ]
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