The election of 2010 comes down to this: The Democrats tried and tried to get jobs bills going, to use the stimulus to get the economy moving, and ALL the way the #GOP OBSTRUCTED! They got concession after concession, used the Stimulus that they railed against, got federal help for the BP disaster they created, and STILL the #GOP wants to CRUSH the Democrats, and ANYONE who isn’t RICH.

The cynical, greedy, hate-mongering REPUBLICANS saw the energy and hope and belief in the kind of fundamental CHANGE President Obama ran on as a candidate, and said HELL NO! Then, the Grand Poo-Bahs of the #RWNJ Machine KNEW it would take NEXT TO NOTHING to derail the POTUS, because DEMOCRATS ARE WEAK. They DID IT BEFORE, and, too dumb to remember HISTORY, Democratic voters are going to let it HAPPEN AGAIN.

I see #Dems blaming Obama for not doing this or that, and we can only assume that, and the bad economy, are why the elections are going to be so bad for #Dems this year. It is ridiculous, however, to think that so many people can be so TOTALLY UNIFORMED as to throw-away their vote on the #GOP. The #GOP outright said their agenda was TO MAKE OBAMA FAIL, and after the election, STALL, BLOCK, and BULLSH*T to ensure Obama loses in 2012.

To top it off, dog-whistles signaling all the usual #RWNJ crap that “gets the vote out” for them, like fear of Gays, Immigrants (UTTER hypocrisy), debt, taxes, losing their guns, and on and on and ON! The REALLY stupid thing about all their clarion-calls is they ARE BASED ON OUTRIGHT LIES.

One NEW thing this year is the unmitigated WHOLESALING of our election to anonymous outside interests. If it were ONLY big oil, the usual greedy pukes, and the serial polluters, that would be one thing. But, thanks to the SCOTUS, and 5 Justices that should be IMPEACHED for INCOMPETENCE, the floodgates were opened to ANYONE! Foreign governments, terrorists, anarchists, ANY NUTJOB can buy an election, and there is NO DISCLOSURE.

We haven’t seen such wanton power-grabs in 100 years, but here they are, and what do the #Dems do. Just what IS the reaction from the Great Thinkers in the #Democratic Party? WE WANT A PRIMARY CHALLENGE FOR OBAMA IN 2012! What the hell, does the #Democratic base have Stockholm Syndrome? Because it is EXACTLY what the #GOP WANTS.

If President Teddy Roosevelt had not been thrust into power by a fluke of history, it would have taken 30 years to tamp-down the ridiculous, shameful greed of the giant Trusts and Robber Barons. The Great Depression would have happened sooner, and lasted TWICE as long.

Well, if you don’t #VOTEDEM tomorrow, YOU will see just how bad it can get. Unemployment will DOUBLE, the greedy Wall Street snakes will run roughshod over our financial system, pollution laws will disappear, and all those Civil Rights gains of the last 45 years will disappear.

Don’t think it can happen? You haven’t been paying attention, then.

Don’t let the DO-NOTHING, KNOW-NOTHING, #RWNJ #GOP and #TeaParty into power AGAIN! #voteDEM #4AmericasFUTURE #StompTheGOP

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