Open Letter to the SCOTUS: Why You MUST Uphold Health Care Reform

Dear Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS): There is no real issue as to whether you can or should uphold Health Care Reform; You can simply rule that in matters of interstate commerce controlling such a massive portion (1/6th) of the economy, and having such profound implications for the future of the United States of America, the Individual Mandate is not only Constitutional, it is crucial. Fully 99.9999999>> percent of people living in America are already paying for the health care of the uninsured. The costs are in the price of every product, service and commodity we buy, whether it be for the inflated health insurance premiums employers must pay to the employees that directly generate those products, etc, or contained in the cost of overhead, by paying the health care premiums of supplier companies. Everyone needs healthcare, everyone should be insured or otherwise covered.

Therefore, you must NOT strike down this law. I fully ascend to the stock remarks on the DCCC petition imploring you to rule in-favor of the Affordable Care Act:

I’m proud to support health care for all Americans. I’m proud that thanks to all of our efforts, millions of Americans can no longer be dropped from their coverage when they get sick. And I’m proud that when the law takes full effect, being a woman will no longer be classified as a preexisting condition.

This law has made a positive impact in many people’s lives, and it is not even fully implemented. To turn-back now is a grave mistake. At the very least, you must agree to NOT strike it down, but instead force Congress to cure any legal inadequacies in the law that you cannot reconcile judicially.

We MUST move forward on Health Care Reform, NOT backwards.

Thank you.

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