The Phony Outrage of the GOP

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least that the GOP truly doesn’t believe there’s a war on women. They are that clueless. Also, if Mitt and Ann Romney want to make a big deal out of Ann’s hard work
and sage advice, I would LOVE to have THAT discussion. Was it Ann’s idea
to “get rid of” Planned Parenthood? And has Ann chosen the
words Mitt would’ve used to criticize Sandra Fluke? What other gems might we expect from Mrs. Romney? Or is this just typical RWNJ “outrage”; A mile-wide, but an inch deep?

Yes, parenthood is difficult, but it’s one HELL of a lot easier when
you’re rich. Should we discount ANY mother or father’s efforts to raise
their children? No. But I do wonder, given Etchy-Sketchy’s penchant for political acrobatics, just what Mr & Mrs GEORGE Romney tried to teach Mitt as he grew up. Did the senior Mr. Romney teach Mitt that corporations are people? Or that women don’t
deserve proper reproductive health care? Would George have said “Let Detroit die?”

Anyway, back to the war on women. You want to know the quickest way to tell if someone’s attacking you? Whether you’re being HARMED. Let’s ask the women who have to go to another state for an abortion, or have to be humiliated with invasive procedures to ensure they are properly shamed before an abortion. Never-mind that some will have to actually pay for the needless, invasive procedures on wages that are 3/4 of what men earn in the same job.

By the way, I think Dr. Tiller’s next of kin might have a word or two to say on this subject, not to mention the workers at the Planned Parenthood office that was bombed a little while back… War? What war?

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