About Aqua_Buddah

This is a work-in-progress that I hope to continually update, but here’s what I have for now:

I’m a Progressive, since “progress” is the only reason we’re not still poop-flinging apes in the wilderness. Now, we’re poop-flinging apes with computers. All hail progress!

BTW, yes, I know “Buddah” is misspelled; Serendipity, since I would have regretted using “Buddha” – I don’t wish to offend Buddhists.

The name was intended as a slap at Rand Paul, a way to draw attention to his alleged kidnap/abuse of a fellow college student. Twist of fate, a famous comedian also picked a variant of the name, many people followed me thinking I was that comedian. A happy accident, as I ended-up meeting some really great people as a result of this.

The GOP is ass-backwards, generally speaking, but I used to strongly believe in the “pendulum of democracy”; To wit, at times, one side has greater control over the agenda, then the other side gets a turn, and it tends to balance out. That was before SCOTUS let Bush steal the 2000 election, we found out Iraq was an illegal war & torture was suddenly given the okey-dokey, the 30+ year old #Reaganomics trickle-down bullsh*t failed AGAIN, SCOTUS excreted the Citizens United decision, and the AstroTurf Teaparty smeared it’s feces over the political landscape.

Thankfully, BS is good fertilizer; Occupy Wall Street grew out of all this.

As a particular result of the past 20+ years of GOP overreach, I think they need to be purged or eliminated as a major party. Too damn much became only about winning and ONLY winning, that let the nutjobs in, and as a result, they’ve screwed our social system and economy. As lying, cynical, greedy politicians go, the miscreant GOP takes the cake, the bakery, the baker’s wife, and pretty flowers wilt wherever they go. Damn them. Damn them to hell. Damn damn damn.

I’m on Twitter, Facebook (very little – someday I’ll get up to speed there), and I have a blog (duh, you’re reading it).

If I had to use a single word to describe me, it would have to be “passionate”. The reason being, with people knowing that, they then shouldn’t be surprised when I get fired-up about issues, or I get emotional like a little girl over many and various things. I feel sorry for people who can’t feel deeply about things that are important in life…

I was in the US Army & played some sports, so I know how to swear my m*therf*cking ass off. I try to rein it in, so my wife doesn’t have to fight the urge to smack me about the head and face. This attempt at restraint carries into my Tweets, blog posts, and other public discourse.

I like to use the following on Twitter & other online forums:

Hashtags (#whatever): #ClincallyStupid, #GiantIdiot, #ToChurnAPhrase, #GOPmemeUnCut, #ItMightBeARedState, #GOPdisgrace


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